Monday, February 3, 2014

Reviews of Web Hosting

Reviews of web hosting understands the importance of the internet for your personal or business needs in today's technological society. To help in your quest for the best web hosting reviews, we researched and reviewed numerous web hosting providers through our web hosting review team. We based our reviews on pricing, reliability, features, safety, technology and reviews from consumers like yourself. Through this review process we created a list of the top 10 web hosting reviews. Every review provides features offered by each hosting provider such as website statistics tools, CP control panels, 24/7 live support, unlimited email, site building software, 99.9% uptime guarantee, SEO submission tools, shopping cart systems, webmaster analytics tools, website building templates, free advertising credits, blogging software and much more.

The Bulk of our web hosting review information came from 100s of consumer reviews submitted to us in 2012-2013. We feel that this year our web hosting review team has developed our most detail oriented hosting reviews to date. With so many new hosting technological advances, it kept us busy for weeks analyzing all the data from 100s of sources and consumers. Our hosting review team discovered as always there is a wide range in quality and integrity among the different hosting companies we reviewed. Many of the mainstream web hosting companies scored much higher due to fierce competition. It should be noted that there were very few newcomers to the web hosting scene over the past 2 years. Prior to 2011 there was a decade of massive growth in the web hosting industry over 100 web hosting companies formed between 2000-2010. In today's market there are over 50 major hosting companies worldwide hosting over 1,000,000. customers each. Our web hosting review team concentrated our reviews on hosting companies located in the United States. Although there numerous premium hosting companies worldwide, we decided to use hosting providers from the United States for the years list of top 10 reviews.

Website hosting has advanced itself over the past several years into several different niche categories, due to networking and computer technology. This year our web hosting review team included hosting providers that also offered shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and much more. In this years reviews we also included basic information on the best hosting choices for the consumers specific needs, or what we like to refer to as a guide to web hosting for the beginner. Weather you are setting up your first personal website or you are seeking to set up a web hosting reseller business, reviews of web hosting has you covered. As we stated earlier We based our reviews on pricing, reliability, CP features, safety, technology and 100s of reviews from consumers like yourself. Through this detail oriented review process we developed a top 10 hosting reviews list.